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About me

Josephine Bonì was born in New York. She began painting in her father's studio when she was a child. In Palermo, she attended the Accademia di Belle Arti. She also graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at University.

She studied music.

Paris, where she moved to attend a course on didactics of the languages at La Sorbonne University, was actually an important step in her life as an artist.

She partecipated in many international exhibitions and events and held many successful solo exhibitions.

Her  paintings are owned in many private collections in Europe and USA.

Her artworks decorate the vault and a niche in the new built Church Beata Maria Vergine di Loreto in Sciacca (Italy).

Her studios are in Italy at the following addresses:


Josephine Bonì - Galleria d'Arte,

via Notarbartolo, 49, Palermo


Josephine Bonì - Art Creations,

Corso Ruggiero, 197, Cefalù (Palermo)

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